14 June 2024

The Russia-Ukraine crisis

The longest war of the 21st century, which is being fought between the world’s second most powerful army and the world’s 15th powerful army, the war in which 225 billion dollars have been lost so far, the war that has caused a recession all over the world. The war in which Russia and Ukraine are face to face, but behind the scenes, this war is being fought by America and Russia. It has been 1 year since the most dangerous war of the 21st century, but neither the missile has stopped falling nor the speed of the fighter jet is decreasing. The sound of bomb blasts has not diminished, nor are the attacks from tanks decreasing. Everyday Russia and Ukraine are attacking each other in the same way as it started in February 2022.

Despite this, neither the military superpower Russia has won, nor has Ukraine, which is in the war on the support of the US, has given up. We will tell you the present past and future of this war, which you can understand from five big questions.

The first question is, why has Russia not been able to defeat Ukraine so far? Second, what is the benefit of the US in the Russia-Ukraine war? The third question is that what was the trick to implicate India in the Russia-Ukraine war? The fourth question is what is the real reason for the Russia-Ukraine war? The fifth and final question is how long will the Russia-Ukraine war last? We will tell you the answers to these five questions in detail. We will tell you the answers to these five questions in detail.

Now let’s come to the first question and understand why Russia has not been able to defeat Ukraine in the Ukraine and Russia war that started on 24 February 2022? Ukraine is much weaker than Pakistan. So, the question in everyone’s mind is why is the war taking so long? Why can’t Russia beat Ukraine? The biggest reason for this is America. In fact, when the Ukraine-Russia war started, everyone had this idea. Ukraine will not be able to last more than 10-15 days, its weapons will be exhausted, it will accept Russia’s conditions and will lay down arms. Russian President Putin would have felt the same. Putin had also made it clear that if any country in the world supports Ukraine, it will be an enemy of Russia.

Putin may have believed in his threats, but there was something else going on in America’s mind. At first, the US had said that if Russia attacked Ukraine, the US and NATO would take action, but after Russia’s threats, the US changed the plan. And NATO Direct did not come forward to help. Putin thought that this war would be the Russia’s weapon versus Ukraine’s weapon, but America made it Russia’s weapon versus America’s weapon, and all this happened in a very planned way. In the early days of the war, Ukraine was responding to Russia’s attacks, and it was also seen that it was difficult for Ukraine to face Russia, but gradually the US and its allies started supplying weapons to Ukraine, which laid the foundation for prolonging this entire war.

Four NATO countries, including the US, are giving the most weapons to Ukraine to fight Russia. These countries are America, Germany, Britain and France. From February 24, 2022, to January 2023, the United States has provided nearly $48 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine alone. France has also given Ukraine $569 million so far. By the end of 2022, the United States and NATO have given Ukraine $108 billion in aid and weapons. Russia, on the other hand, spent $83 billion in the Ukraine war until 2022. By February 2023, it has increased to $105 billion. You can guess how big this amount is in such a way that India’s neighboring country Pakistan has less than three billion dollars of foreign exchange reserves and is begging the IMF for just one billion dollars. So, you must have understood that this war is not just between Russia and weak Ukraine, but America and its allies are also fighting in hiding in it. So, neither Russia is winning, nor the US is allowing Ukraine to lose.

Now let’s talk about the second question, what is the benefit of America in the Russia-Ukraine war? Why is the U.S. shedding so many billions of dollars into this war? Except for former US President Donald Trump, every President of America attacks some country, fights a war. If this did not happen during President Trump’s era, the demand for American weapons did not increase. If demand did not increase, the possibility of recession in America’s defense sector increased. In 2021, there was a slight decline in arms production in the US, which was equivalent to about 0.9%. Many experts claim that the US fueled the Ukraine and Russia war to increase the production of weapons. As a result, by the end of 2021, the supply of American weapons increased by 1.9 percent. During the Russia-Ukraine war in 2022, the US sent weapons to Ukraine. In 2021, the US exported weapons worth $ 103 billion, which increased to $ 153 billion in 2022. There is a psychology of war, those who fight war buy weapons, those who do not fight also buy weapons out of fear. The US is the world’s largest arms supplier. In such a situation, America is not only destroying its old weapons in the Ukraine war but is also creating new customers.

Now the third question was what was the trick to implicate India in the Russia-Ukraine war? After the attack on Ukraine, the US imposed many types of sanctions on Russia. The effect was that inflation increased worldwide and the biggest impact was on petroleum products. It also had an impact on India and due to the expensive petrol and diesel, inflation increased in India. It was not so easy for India because India’s economy could be shaken due to oil being expensive. India’s growth could have suffered a setback. This was a difficult time when India had to suck between America and Russia. This was a badly trapped situation for India. To correct these circumstances, India clearly told the US that it would only look after the interest of its country. America also understands that it needs India to counter China. And Russia has been fulfilling India’s strategy since the US was also against India. America understood this. The effect was that the US did not put any kind of pressure on India for a relationship with Russia. It was a win-win situation for India and India took full advantage of it. In 2022, India bought oil from Russia. That too at cheaper prices than before. The advantage of buying oil from Russia was that India saved about Rs 35,000 crore in 2022. That is, with the diplomacy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, India not only distanced itself from the Russia-Ukraine war but also explained to the world that efforts can be made to establish peace even during the war.

Now come to the fourth question, what is the real reason for the war between Russia and Ukraine? Ukraine’s own stubbornness and Russia’s own security concerns are behind this war. First let’s understand what Ukraine’s stubbornness is. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an organization of the United States and its allies. NATO was founded in 1949. Now there were 12 countries, now there are 31 countries. There is an agreement between 31 countries that if any of these is attacked by an outsider, then all 31 countries will wage war against that country. Ukraine wants to join NATO, so that it will not be threatened by a big country like Russia, but Russia opposes it. Russia says NATO should not expand. At least the country adjacent to its border should not be included in NATO. Russia fears that if these countries bordering it join NATO, it will endanger Russia’s security. Ukraine acts as a buffer zone between Russia and NATO countries. Belarus currently has a Russian-backed government, but Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, bordering Ukraine, are part of NATO. NATO missiles are also deployed in these countries. Now if Ukraine also joins the NATO, then NATO missiles and weapons are deployed on the border of Russia. This is a major threat to Russia. But without understanding Russia’s concerns, Ukraine stuck to its insistence on joining the NATO. Therefore, Russian President Putin invaded Ukraine and on 24 February 2022, he named it the military operation against Ukraine. The question in your mind will be that Putin attacked Ukraine, but what was he achieved? Putin occupied both Dansk and Luhansk in Ukraine’s Donbass region. He appointed his own administrator. Now this is the area that will distance Ukraine from Russia. From here, it will be easier for Russia to target the whole of Ukraine and reduce Russia’s security concerns.

Now the fifth and last question is how long will the Russia-Ukraine war last? There is no clear answer to this because neither Russian President Vladimir Putin nor Ukrainian President Zelensky is ready to bow down. When will war end? It all depends on the US and NATO. When they stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, this war will end because this Ukraine cannot face Russia for long on its own.

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